Healthy Men: How to Beat Hunger


Step away from the cupcake – here are the best five ways to satisfy your appetite.

Foods that are rich in carbohydrates cause your insulin levels to spike, which contributes to your body storing energy as fat. However, cutting down on filling staples such as bread, pasta and rice can leave you feeling constantly hungry. Follow these tips to live like other healthy men stay satisfied while skipping the stodge.


Starving and about to reach for the bread? You might just be thirsty. Our bodies often can’t tell the difference between hunger and thirst. Water also contributes towards your feeling of fullness because your stomach is never totally empty if you stay well hydrated. Take sips of water throughout the day so you won’t raid the fridge, and drink up before meals to feel more sated with your less starchy plate.


Protein causes your body to produce glucose, which sends a message to the brain to stop eating. Lean meats such as chicken and turkey should be a staple of your meals to keep you satisfied. Nuts are great for a quick fix – pecans are your best option for a low-carb snack. They’re also full of good fats that help nourish your brain and reduce inflammation.


Fibre bulks up the volume of food you eat, which means you don’t have to eat as much to feel satisfied. Soluble fibre, found in abundance in most fruit and vegetables, plays a vital role in slowing down digestion, so your last meal will make you feel full for longer. Load up on avocado, broccoli and oranges to stave off hunger with maximal fibre and minimal carbs.


Eating healthy fats is crucial for losing weight, building muscle and feeling full – especially if you’re cutting back on carbohydrates. Oily fish contain high quantities of omega 3 essential fatty acids, which regulate appetite and keep you full for longer. Try anchovies, salmon, tuna and mackerel to keep the cravings at bay. Check out our healthy recipes.


It may sound strange, but working out can actually make you feel more full than lazing on the sofa. As you use your muscles, your body releases a protein that plays a part in managing appetite. By paying attention to how hungry you feel after hitting the gym, you’ll swerve the temptation to bulk up your meals with bread and potatoes.  Get inspired with fitness motivation and advice.

Source: Men’s Fitness


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