Snowballs Underwear Scientifically Proven to Keep You Cooler for Fertility

We worked with fertility doctors and the UK’s Channel4 to test the cooling power of Snowballs against boxers and regular briefs. Three men spent a day wearing each type of underwear, and then an infrared thermometer was aimed at their hot zones. The results:


Boxer-briefs: 31°C (87.8)

underwear fertility







Traditional briefs: 27°C (80.6)

cooling underwear







SNOWBALLS: 22°C (71.6°F)

fertility underwear







The health benefits of “manly cooling” have been emerging for years, but now there’s even more proof that men who care about fertility should stop frying their swimmers and wear Snowballs to stay cool!

And in case you’re wondering about the comfort of cooling, here’s what our valiant test subject had to say: “I loved them. It felt like I was being gently caressed.”

Check it out here from the 16-minute mark (UK only): How to Stay Well

Then let yourself be gently caressed!

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