Fitness Motivation for Fertile Men

Restore your desire to workout and stay fit and fertile with these tips from exercise psychologist Dr Jim Amnesi.


While UK gym membership is higher than it’s ever been there’s still plenty of disillusioned gym bunnies left wondering why they can’t shift that roll around their belly. One reason could be that only one in five men exercise long enough or consistently enough to reap any rewards. Motivation is a key factor with an estimated 75 per cent of exercise regimes crashing and burning within 21 months of being started.
Exercise psychologist Dr Jim Amnesi believes self-management, support and discomfort are the major reasons why people ditch their gym membership. Here’s how to overcome them.

big-boned-exercise-cartoonLog your exercises

Once you’ve completed a workout, mark down on a calendar what you did. For example, cardio: 20 minutes, free weights: 20 minutes etc… “It’s written evidence of your accomplishments, which studies show provides a sense of achievement that keeps exercisers motivated,” says Amnesi.

Reward yourself

Use more than just the weights room. After a good session treat yourself to a massage or buy yourself a DVD to watch when you get home. “Rewards – according to long term studies of weight loss subjects, are a major factor in helping them achieve their goals,” says Amnesi.

Distract yourself from pain

Experts call it disassociation – you call it listening to your iPod. Studies suggest multiple distractions work best to divert the mind from the agony you’re going through. So listen to your sounds on a treadmill in front of the TV and beside that super-hot gym bunny.

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Source: Mens Health

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