The Fertility Menu

Photo: College of Dietitians
Photo: College of Dietitians

The Fertility Menu. We mention the benefits of many vitamins and antioxidants in our fertility recipes but here is a wonderful guide of all these fertility food groups. They are all super beneficial to your fertility and sperm production.


The fertility super-nutrient improves count, motility (aka swimming ability), volume, hormone levels, genetic material, cell division and sex drive, as well as forming the outer layer of the tail of the sperm. Basically, zinc puts the requisite cartridges in your chamber, and 15 mg per day is the minimum you need. If you’re actively trying, it’s better to double this as US Department of Agriculture researchers found men lose up to 9 per cent of their daily zinc intake per ejaculate. Oysters are the richest source, with six providing 16mg. If the royal kitchens don’t make your packed lunch, nibble daily handfuls of pumpkin and sesame seeds, plus six eggs and three red meat hits a week.

Photo: Márton Divényi (Flickr)
Photo: Márton Divényi (Flickr)


Behind almost as many pregnancies as the invention of Happy Hour, the mineral increases count and motility, and reduces numbers of abnormal sperm. It’s also needed for producing testosterone, which in turn governs sperm production. “When selenium levels are really low the tails of sperm may fall off, and deficiencies are also linked to DNA damage that can cause miscarriage or birth defects,” says consultant obstetrician Michael Dooley. Brazil nuts are the richest selenium source around, and five a day will do the trick. If you can’t get your hands on your nuts, Glasgow Royal infirmary research found a 100mcg daily supplement increased sperm motility and chances of conception.

Vitamin B12

Japanese research from the Yamaguchi University School of Medicine found 42 per cent of men taking a 1500mcg daily supplement showed improved in sperm count and motility. To get the necessary B-boost from your diet, add plain natural yoghurt to your daily breakfast cereal, have a couple of eggs three times a week, plus fresh salmon. If you can hack it, liver is a great source so have it once a week.

Photo: Fun4all
Photo: Fun4all

Vitamin C

Sperm clumping together is a major problem if you’re aiming for the bull’s eye, and University of Texas studies found vitamin C helped sperm to swim singularly, as well as increasing count and reducing abnormalities. Get your recommended daily 1000mg from a combined five portions of C-rich kiwi, broccoli, papaya, mango, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, grapefruit, cabbage, asparagus, sweet potato and plums. And go organic, a University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine study found pesticides lower semen quality.

Fatty Acids

Found in oily fish, these are the building blocks for prostaglandins, low levels of which are associated with lower fertility and abnormal sperm, according to research in the Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Prostaglandins boost sperm’s all-important ability to penetrate the egg. Aim to eat tuna, mackerel salmon or sardines three times a week, plus add a daily handful of nuts and seeds to your fertility menu.

Photo: coffeebreakscience
Photo: coffeebreakscience

Amino Acids

Red meat and dairy pack the dynamic duo of L-arginine – which is needed for a perfectly formed sperm head – and L-carnitine, which University of Geneva research found improves count and quality. Eat them three times a week, but no more as the saturated fats can impact on your production of prostaglandins (Fatty Acids). You could also supplement with 1000mg of L-arginine and 250 mg of L-carnitine.

Sounds like a Star Wars droid, but boosts the energy supply in the middle of your sperm so they have a better chance of reaching their target. Plus it protects DNA. “It’s hard to get substantial amounts in your diet, so supplement with 50mg daily,” says Dr Glenville.

Tel Aviv University researchers found men who upped their intake by  200mg a day saw conception rates rise. Boost your diet by adding almonds to your muesli or porridge, opting for sweet potato over traditional spuds, and adding tomato and avocado to your lunchtime sandwich.

Read more fertility menu diet tips and try our great male fertility recipe’s to incorporate these vitamins into your day!

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Source: Men’s Health

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