The Secret Ingredient to Better Tuna Salad

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As far as quick, muscle-building meals go, it’s tough to best tuna fish salad. Six ounces of canned tuna, packed in water, contain 40 grams of protein for about 220 calories. Add a large hardboiled egg and you’ve contributed 6 more grams of protein for 78 calories. A little mayo will up the creaminess, but still keep you under a 500-calorie meal—all while providing a powerhouse of workout recovery fuel. (more…)

Men watch out! Consuming soya bean in excess can lead to infertility

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There is a lot of debate around the benefits and side effects of soya beans. While the beans are packed with protein and in fact are the best sources of the nutrient for vegetarians, too much consumption of these is associated with a lot of side effects. Here’s why you should eat soy beans. The key to good health is eating in moderation, whether it is healthy food or calorie laden. Too much of anything can harm your body and the same applies to soybean too. (more…)