Male Health Spotlight: What To Consider As You Get Older


Men are less likely to go and see their doctor than a woman. It’s a well known fact. Men tend to brush over health problems or symptoms they may be suffering from due to their nature. They tend to just get on with things and carry on. But this is where some health problems then go unnoticed, especially as a man get’s older. Which is why sometimes when you spot the signs of some of the top risks of male health you must get seen to straight away. Which is why I thought it was important to highlight some of the health risks many men face as they get older. 

Fear of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the leading form of cancer for a male. The prostate is a gland that lies behind the penis, only men have them. It’s a common area that could cause problems to your health as a man get’s older. This is why it’s important to go through prostate screening. This normally includes a rectal examination and a blood test. While many men could have a cancer develop in their prostate, and it is one of the most common, only 1 in 35 males die from it. This is because the cancer developed there is less likely to spread or be aggressive. There are also never any clear symptoms that you have it, considering the gland is inside your body. So it’s important to get screened to keep an eye on things.

Worry about impotence

As a man get’s older so does the worry in their ability to perform. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is very common amongst men, especially as they get older. While of course it may not be life threatening, it does signal a health problem that should be addressed. This is because men that are struggling with this are less likely to take enjoyment out of life and become depressed.

Stress over work related things

Stress is one of the biggest causes of many health problems. It is more likely to affect men as they get older as they become less confident in their ability to perform. Stress can be a big cause of health problems. It can lead to sleep issues and anxiety to name a few. Stress is something that can be handled. It’s worth looking at your workloads and trying to take step backs as and when you can.

Depression down to self-esteem and confidence

It may surprise you, but depression is more common than we believe amongst men. Especially as they get older. Depression can be caused by many things. Mostly it could be down to a reduction in confidence and self-esteem issues. Mainly this could be in the workplace or due to a breakdown in a relationship. Men often don’t communicate their worries or problems, hence why it can go undiagnosed for a long time.

I hope this has highlighted some of the health issues men face as they get older. Perhaps it will remind you to look out for some of the common symptoms and take action sooner rather than later.

Source: Thy Black Men