Dad genes: Everything you need to know about male fertility


There’s a common misconception that fertility is a woman’s issue, but the fact is men are as crucial to conception as they are to the inability to conceive. According to statistics from the Government of Canada, three out of 10 cases of infertility are due to problems deriving from the man, while most fertility doctors say that up to one-third of their practice is exclusively made up of men experiencing fertility issues. (more…)

10 Things Your Fertility Doctor Wants You To Know About Getting Pregnant Right Now


Unless you’re actively trying to get pregnant, there’s a good chance you know more about what it takes to prevent pregnancy than to conceive. Whether you’re ready for a baby or think you might like to have one someday, health-care professionals say it’s time to learn. As Dr. Sharon Vorona, physician and medical director of Figure 1 — an app that lets health-care providers share photos and info related to their cases with each other for discussion — tells, “If you know that it’s something that you want in your life, then it’s good to have an understanding of the science behind ovulation and the factors that affect fertility.” Ahead, ten things that you should know about fertility and trying to conceive, or TTC, right now.