Tight Undies Bad for Male Fertility


Men should avoid wearing tight underwear and should start trying for a family before they reach 40 if they want to have children, fertility experts have said.

Constricting pants are likely to result in two-and-a-half times less fertile sperm, exacerbating the problem of female infertility caused by the increasing number of women trying for their first babies at an older age, warns Professor Allan Pacey.

The University of Sheffield academic said that the quality of men’s sperm significantly decreased past the age of 40, and that studies showed children born to fathers who are above that age were more likely to have conditions like schizophrenia, autism and Down’s syndrome.

Pacey also said that a study of 2500 men across the UK had found that wearing tight underwear was the “single biggest risk” factor for fertility, more than smoking or alcohol consumption.

Source: Times Live