Six Facts About Obesity and Male Infertility


  1. Obesity in men is associated with many consequences including potential male  infertility issues, low testosterone, and erectile function.
  2. These consequences are in addition to the many cardiovascular, metabolic syndrome, and quality of life issues which are common in obese individuals.
  3. As the number of obese men increases, male infertility issues are becoming more common.
  4. Many of the issues of fertility and sexual function are related to increased estradiol due to fatty tissue conversion of androgens to estradiol. Also, increased environmental toxins and heat and inflammation are harmful to male infertility.
  5. Weight loss, by diet, exercise, or in some cases surgery may benefit normalization of hormonal parameters and subsequently fertility and sexual health including erectile function and libido.
  6. Overall, diet and exercise help to maintain optimal body mass index (BMI). Weight control is lifelong effort that must be combined with other healthy lifestyle factors to minimise male infertility.

Source: Fertility Authority

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