Your Laptop Might Be Roasting Your Sperm Factory and Future Kids!

Photo: Better Body Chemestry
Photo: Better Body Chemestry

If you’re using a laptop to maximize brain performance, make sure you’re not nuking the sperm factory and the next generation.

Laptops roast “nuts”

Laptops produce quite a bit of heat, so if you’re in the habit of using your laptop on your lap, you’re potentially overheating the sperm factory. Keeping the nether regions cool is important, this is why the testicles are “outside” of the body – the sertoli cells which make the sperm prefer a slightly cooler temperature. Normal body temperature is a tad too hot at 37C. Raising the temperature of the testicles, decreases the number of sperm produced (sperm count) and the sperm that are produced, are typically poor swimmers. Meagre sperm production can mean trouble fathering kids down the line.

Laptops want to “be cool”

If you bothered to read the instruction manual that comes with the laptop, you will find that laptop manufactures don’t want you to use the laptop on your lap or any other uneven surface. The reason is that you obstruct the air vents stopping air circulation around the machine. Clogged-up air vents result in the machine overheating putting pressure on the electronic components increasing the chances of a meltdown.

Lift that laptop

So, lift that laptop off the lap and onto “a desk”. Both the laptop and the sperm factory will be grateful.

Keep Cool.

Source: Better Body Chemestry

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