Infertility Challenging Mentally, Physically


About 40-percent of the time, the infertility problem is with the woman. Between 30-40 percent of the time, the source is a problem with the male. The rest is a combination of the two.

So many people end up spending tens of thousands of dollars to conceive. It takes a toll on their finances, not to mention their emotions.

Like so many others, Lindsay and Sam Wood fell in love, got married and decided ‘it’s time.’

“We always knew we wanted kids,” Lindsay Wood said.

But the baby part just wasn’t happening.

“Through further testing, found out I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which makes it very difficult to ovulate on your own,” Lindsay said.

Finally, after multiple treatments, they had luck.

“We got pregnant with our son Cameron but lost him when we were seven months pregnant due to a genetic disorder Trisomy 18.  Which we aren’t carriers… [it’s] very rare,” Lindsay said.

It was a devastating blow.

After stopping treatments to grieve, the Woods are trying again. And it’s taking a toll.

Part of it is physical.

“Cramps, [I’m] bloated… all the normal woman, magnified,” Lindsay said.

Part of it is mental.

“She’s normally crushed a few days; depressed, I would say,” said Sam Wood.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a hormone imbalance, is a common factor that impacts fertility in women.

Endometriosis, ovulation issues or block tubes – or even STDs can be the problem.

“Most likely chlamydia going under the radar, maybe felt like undergoing the flu,” said fertility specialist Dr. Craig Sweet.

Sweet says it’s easier to root out the causes of infertility in women. It’s more difficult with men – in fact, doctors only find the cause about 40-percent of the time.

And unlike women, there aren’t fertility enhancements for men.

“Studies indicated it just doesn’t work,” Sweet said.

The Woods remain hopeful, continuing to try and using their story to support others suffering loss and infertility.

They have a support group that meets once a month at The Salvation Army in Fort Myers.

Source: NBC

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