Diabetes can Reduce Male Fertility


Diabetes can reduce male fertility because this disease has been associated with various risk factors affecting male reproductive capacity, such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, or hypogonadism (testicular dysfunction).  The risk of infertility increases if there is a poor glycemic control due to an increased body mass index (BMI), or insulin resistance.

However, although sexual dysfunctions are common in patients with diabetes, only some are undergoing diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, on the occasion of the celebration of the XIV Conference of the Scientific Committee of the Spanish Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Pathology, experts in this area have indicated that the andrology laboratory is key to diagnose and treat problems such as azoospermia and ejaculation disorders.

According to these specialists lack of sperm in the semen or erectile dysfunction (difficulty or inability to achieve an erection) may be an indicator of a complex picture. For a correct diagnosis of sexual dysfunction necessary, a detailed clinical interview with the patient in the case where the disease may have affected their reproductive health is warranted as well as a physical examination including the examination of the genital tract.

Laboratory tests in which parameters such as volume and pH of a semen sample to be evaluated can provide very valuable information when making diagnosis and choose any of the available therapeutic options, from drug treatments or surgery, to assisted reproductive techniques such as obtaining testicular sperm and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

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