Trying to Conceive? Stay Sane During the Two-Week Wait

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The deed is done — you had sex during your partners most fertile days and now…it’s a waiting game. During those two weeks between ovulation and taking a pregnancy test, it’s pretty easy to drive yourself nuts wondering if you’ve succeeded in your attempt to conceive. Don’t! Instead try this.

Think Positive
As tempting as it is to torture yourself by thinking you may have missed this month’s chance for your wife to get pregnant, it won’t do anyone any good. “There can often be a feeling of desperation,” says Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist. “It can help to adopt the attitude of it’s not ‘now or never.’ You may want this pregnancy very much, but if you don’t get her pregnant this time, it’s not the end. Keep reminding yourself that there will be other chances.”

267136C.TIFAccept That What’s Done Is Done
Yeah, we’re all for thinking positively, but you won’t be able to “will” your partner to get pregnant at this point. “Many couples get really superstitious, like ‘If I do this, we will be pregnant,’” says Bennett. But remember: You already did what you’re supposed to do to conceive — good luck charms won’t change what’s already happened. “It’s a done deal now,” says Bennett. “Either you’ve conceived this time or you haven’t.”

Stop Obsessing
We know you can’t stop thinking about it. Every. Single. Second. But don’t let conception be the main topic of every conversation during these few weeks. It can only fuel your anxiety. “Not talking about it won’t get it out of your mind, but it may keep from perpetuating any obsession. It’s not realistic to not talk about it at all, but don’t make it the focus of all your discussions,” says Bennett.

Stay Busy
After you get busy, stay busy. The best way to keep your mind from running wild with possibilities is to occupy it with other stuff. And hey, you might as well make that stuff fun. Go to the gym. Go out for dinner. Have a boys’ night out with your friends. “Treat yourself to something nice,” says Bennett. “You’ve done all you can, and now it’s time to sit back, relax and let Mother Nature take over.”

Support Your Partner
You’re trying to make a baby, so you know it takes two — there’s that whole sperm-and-egg thing. Well, same goes for the emotional ride. “Keep reminding yourself that you and your partner are in this together,” says Bennett. You’re both invested in this, even if you show it in different ways.

Keep Cool.

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