Can Your Penis Make Her Sick?

thermometer-833085_960_720A healthy hump can do wonders for your well-being: Sex can boost your immunity, relieve stress, dull pain, and even help you sleep better

But a cure-all roll in the hay can actually cause some women to come down with ailments far worse than just being lovesick. Your penis can do serious damage to her—and not in the good way.

1. Orgasm OverloadYep, you really can deliver too big of an O: “After intense, multi-faceted levels of stimulation—like clitoral, vaginal, sometimes even rectal, all at once—women can experience an autonomic nervous system overload,” says Jennifer Berman, M.D., director of The Berman Women’s Wellness Center in Los Angeles and cohost of The Doctors.

Your partner’s body releases neurochemicals while her blood vessels dilate, causing her to feel lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous, Dr. Berman explains. And the same thing can happen to men.

In fact, researchers have reported a similar male-dominant phenomenon called post-orgasmic illness syndrome, where guys experience flu-like symptoms up to weeks after an orgasm!

2. Depression

Sex should be a mood booster, but roughly one-third of women admit to having felt depressed at least once after getting down, according to a 2011 Australian study.

Don’t take it personally: About 10 percent of women regularly feel sad, anxious, regretful, or irritable after some perfectly pleasing lovemaking, probably because of the hormonal shift post-orgasm, researchers speculate.

3. Headaches

You want it to be mind-blowing, not head-splitting: Sex can actually trigger horrible migraines in both men and women.

The International Headache Society reports two types of headaches with sexual activity (HSAs): The first—Type I—are pre-orgasmic, where pressure builds along with sexual excitement. Type II HSAs are explosive pains that occur with or right after climaxing.

A 2012 study in the British Journal of Medical Practitioners reported that migraine sufferers are most likely to experience this pain with pleasure, and that it affects roughly 1 in 100 people.

4. Allergies

Choose your condom wisely: People can have an allergic reaction to latex, spermicidal jelly, and certain lubricants, Dr. Berman says. In fact, your girl can even be allergic to your sperm.

“Sometimes a woman’s body perceives proteins in the semen as foreign, and this can cause irritation or burning for her,” Dr. Berman explains.

These proteins are unique to you, so her chances of having a post-coitus breakout are higher if it’s your first time together.

The latter reaction will lessen over time as she gets used to your chemical makeup, Dr. Berman reassures, but protect against all allergies—along with STDs—by using a latex-free condom and glycerin- and paraben-free lubricants.

5. Amnesia

You may wish you could wipe a few one-night stands from your memory, but for one Washington D.C. woman, her rendezvous actually cleared a whole day.

The 54-year-old showed up at Georgetown University Hospital unable to remember the past 24 hours—except that her amnesia started right after having sex with her husband.

The woman, whose experience was reported in a 2011 issue of The Journal of Emergency Medicine, was diagnosed with transient global amnesia, a rare condition in which memory suddenly and temporarily disappears.

Source: Men’s Health

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