Want to Boost your Testosterone? Try Getting Married


There is some positive news about marriage.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia discovered last year that drops in testosterone levels in men are not necessarily just a consequence of age – but are also products of lifestyle and behavior.  Presented at the Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas, the study revealed that being obese, whether or not a man smoked and being depressed were all linked with large drops in testosterone.

Another interesting statistic showed that men who were not married had much more significant drops in their testosterone levels than their married counterparts.

In order to obtain their findings, the scientists analyzed testosterone measurements in over 1,500 men.  The men had their hormone levels tested once and then a second time five years later.  On average, men’s testosterone levels fell at one percent each year; but when sub groups were compared to one another, the researchers found the drops to be much larger in those who were overweight, depressed or had troubles quitting smoking.

According to Dr. Gary Wittert, the study’s co-author, it makes sense that married men would have higher testosterone levels due to previous research that suggests men who are married are happier and in better health.

I knew that there was something good about my marriage.  Men that are married tend to be more careful with their weight and have the added blessing of their spouse monitoring what they eat.  Relationships promote good mental health.  And of course, I always say that a healthy sex life is important for your emotional and physical health.

So even though my testosterone is dropping, my marriage is keeping me healthy. You know what they say: Behind every good man is an even better woman.

Source: Fox News

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