How to Prepare for Semen Collection


Semen collection is an important part of the fertility treatment process. Prior to beginning treatment, semen must be analyzed to evaluate a man’s fertility. During fertility treatment, semen is collected in order to fertilize eggs. Prior to fertility treatment, many men may not know what to expect during the process. There are several things you should know before preparing for a semen collection.

Purpose of Semen Collection
A man’s fertility is the direct result of his sperm health. In order to fertilize an egg, sperm must be shaped properly, must move properly, and must be present in large enough quantities. The only way to evaluate these things is via sperm collection and analysis.

Once the testing process is complete, sperm collection will need to be done in order to fertilize eggs.

Preparing for a Semen Collection
Your fertility center will give you specialized instructions regarding your semen collection. Typically, you will be asked to abstain from ejaculating for a few days prior to the collection. This is to maximize your sperm count. You will also be advised by your fertility center if you are able to do the collection at home, or if it must be done onsite at the fertility clinic. If it is done at home, the sample must be kept at body temperature and immediately delivered to the center. If the sample is done onsite, you will be directed to a private room.

In order to obtain a clean sample, you will be asked to not use additional lubricants. While your partner may help you, it is important that the sample be free of all bodily fluids. Should you be unable to do this manually, a special condom may be provided to collect the semen sample.

It is important to keep in mind that providing a semen sample is a normal part of the fertility process and will ultimately help in achieving your dream of growing your family.

Source: Fertility Authority

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