The Workout to Wake Up With More Energy and Less Aches and Pains


Waking up achy, sore, and sluggish is the worst. Your low back is locked up, hip flexors are tight, can’t touch your toes, and the thought of going for a run or lift is just not there. Are you overtraining? Or just sore from that last workout? Or could it just be that you neglext to think about mobility, flexibility, and joint health. It’s cool. It’s easy to forget; the workouts are usually some of the most boring ones to do, but also some of the most important ones to stay on top of your game.


Science-Proven Fitness Motivation


Exhausted, overscheduled, and sore? We’ve all had those days—the ones where it feels like the gym just isn’t an option. But a new study published in Health Psychology offers a way to combat that feeling: Working out at the same time every day. Researchers surveyed 123 students and faculty at the University of Iowa, asking questions about their fitness habits. They found that the most important thing for consistent workouts is what they call an “instigation habit.” Stronger instigation habits successfully predicted long-term consistency in fitness workouts.


Fertility Fitness: 5 New Fitness Rules You Should Follow



In the fitness world, certain truths are held to be self-evident: Big lifts produce big gains, greater intensity fuels greater results, and less rest equals less fat and more strength. But science is now finding that many of these hard-and-fast muscle rules are not as immutable as we once thought. “We’re a lot smarter than we were even 5 years ago,” says Bill Hartman, C.S.C.S., co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. “Researchers and trainers are all starting to agree on what works and what doesn’t.”

The guessing game, in other words, is finally coming to an end. Read on to discover how the nation’s top fitness coaches are incorporating lab-tested strength secrets into their workout plans, and how you can do the same to lift more weight, build more muscle, and lose those 10 extra pounds you’ve been complaining about since college. The path to the body you’ve always wanted starts here.