Snowballs and Increased Testosterone: A Customer Review

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Greg ordered a set of our cooling underwear two years ago, hoping to enhance his production of testosterone. He took a scientific approach to the challenge and began tracking his testosterone with blood tests. And over the next year, he saw astonishing results. His testosterone increased even more than we imagined possible. 

Greg  was inspired to explore testicular cooling a couple of years ago after reading The Four-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss. He began taking cold showers, taking high doses of vitamin D, eating Brazil nuts and taking fish oil supplements as Ferriss recommended. He also started tracking his biomarkers using and was surprised that his levels hadn’t changed after about a year of doing all of the above. And so he bought some Snowballs.

He started icing every day for about an hour after waking up, during his morning routine – reading the news on his laptop, eating breakfast, and having his morning coffee. And his testosterone has steadily increased. He says he feels better than ever, with increased levels of energy and commitment.

Greg wrote to say: “Thank you very much for this product. It really has made a difference!”
He also sent us all his data, and is permitting us to share it below. Have a look. If Snowballs can show such significant testosterone increases in Greg, then why can’t they do the same for you?
Greg’s Testosterone Tracking
1/30/16Snowballs Use Begins
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