Sex and Infertility: 5 Ways to Make Time For Intimacy

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Photo; The Trent
Photo; The Trent

Has life with infertility started to effect your love life? It is important to make ensure you don’t let fertility problems eat away at the intimacy between you and your partner. Making time for Intimacy is one of the best things you can do when struggling with infertility. Gentlemen, we all know ladies love the Romance so don’t forget to pick up some roses on your way home.

  1. Schedule date nights. Block off one night each week for each other. Whether you choose to stay in or go out, turn off the television. Make an effort to connect on emotional and physical levels.
  2. Get out of the house. You don’t have to stay inside on date night. Get outside, explore a natural setting, or engage in a favorite sport.
  3. Trade off. If you have trouble agreeing on date night activities, consider alternating planning duties. Go to a spa one week and a baseball game another week. Focus on having fun and enjoying your time with your partner.
  4. Use your time wisely. If your schedule and career allow, consider scheduling dates during lunchtime. Allow ample time after “lunch” in case your date ends up in the bedroom.
  5. Show your love through gifting. This should be reciprocal. Give her gifts. These sweet presents may be simple (a few handpicked flowers) or ornate (diamond jewelry is never looked down upon). Showing how much you care about each other may help increase romantic feelings for each other.

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Source: Attain Fertility

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